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Illuminate 1.2.1

Illuminate is a stylish window and application switcher. It gives you large, easy to identify window screenshots so you can quickly switch to your desired window without squinting. Or you can use Quick Switch and just type in all or part of the window's...

Log Leech

Log Leech 1.5.2

Log Leech allows you to view your system logs in a beautiful and easy to understand format. When things go bad on your Mac the console log works in the background, acting as a kind of black box recording what went wrong. Log Leech is able to crack open...


Skyscraper 2.7.3

Skyscraper is a search tool for finding images on the web. It can perform keyword based searches, or you can point it at a webpage and it will find all the images on that page or linked to it. Just enter the keyword or webpage address and press return,...