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Unplug 1.0

Unplug will turn off your computer when you want it to. Unlike the Energy Saver Control panel, other programs will not interfere with its function. Programs like iTunes or Netscape can functioning normally without stopping the computer from shutting...

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Flv Crunch

Flv Crunch 1.5.1

s is the premier video converter for Mac OS X. Its modest system requirements allow it to work with Macs running Mac OS 10.1 all the way to Mac OS 10.6. It is easy to use and free. It handles a wide selection of video formats. Digital video is something...


MacQEMU 1.0.1

This software emulates a PowerPC Macintosh. The model Macintosh that is emulated is a Beige G3. It is capable of running Mac OS 10.2 and Linux. You could use this emulator to run older software that is no longer compatible with more current versions of...