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RedGreen 3.1 updated

Application to create 3D photos that can be viewed with red-green or red-blue 3D glasses. All you need is the 3D glasses and a digital camera ar a web cam to shoot the photos. The application will then take two photos (one for the left eye and one for the...


MisFox 2.0c

Under MacOSX several internet settings which were available under MacOS 8 and 9 are still present and are still used by most internet applications, but they are no longer accessible by the user. So if these settings get corrupt for some reason there's no...

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iCab 5.2

iCab is a web browser for the Apple Macintosh. iCab is an alternative web browser for the Apple Macintosh with numerous useful features not found in other browsers. What is new in this release:Several bugfixes and improvements for MacOSX 10.9 Fixes a...

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