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Node2Blog 0.2.2

Node2Blog is not your average blogging platform, being a very minimalistic platform on which someone can run a simple Weblog system.Depending on a NoSQL MongoDB database, Node2Blog is quite easy to setup via npm and should work on all major operating...


pagen.js 0.2.4

pagen.js allows JS developers to install and deploy a basic website structure within minutes.pagen.js can be used for small to medium websites, working by taking the content from local files and assembling it as static HTML pages with the help of a page...


Hyro 0.0.3

Hyro is an open source, free, live text editor that supports the powerful HTML5 markup language and allows users to effortlessly create HTML5-powered websites in real-time on their Linux desktops.Hyro features a web-based, customizable and basic user...

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Hyro 0.0.4

Desktop HTML5 editor with a live HTML viewer. Can be used for Javascript and CSS coding. Utilizes the incredible Codemirror text-editor for highlighting and indentation. Lightweight and easy to setup. Anyone can use it. Customizable UI. You can...