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Gorilla 6.5.1 updated

Gorilla is a suite of software tools designed to assist the creative individual in making a film, or a video. From Preproduction through Production to Post Production, Gorilla contains everything the filmmaker or videomaker needs to make a movie.What is...

Koala Call Sheets

Koala Call Sheets 1.1 updated

Powerful and intuitive, Koala Call Sheets can be used for complex, professional studio films or for simple, student productions and everything in between. Integrate with Gorilla, Chimpanzee, or use as a standalone...

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StoryO 2.2.0 updated

StoryO takes story outlining and idea organization to a whole new level. Designed by writers for writers, StoryO allows you to flesh out details and then put it all in story order when you're ready. Use StoryO's built-in story outline template or create...