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XYZ MusicLab creates a tweleve-tone scale music from three dimensional wireframe objects. You can convert RGB values of an image to a three dimensional line drawing in XYZ cube space . XYZ Music Quick Start . 1) Draw 3D objec . (One line drawing or Import...


ANGO Note 1.1.8

You can create and read encryption notes for MacOS / Windows cross-platform, and can mix languages for multi language users. Used algorithm is "Blowfish, 128 bits". ANGO Note is 40 days evaluation shareware. After 40 days you cannot save a note, but can...



JIKANKEI is a software of Art Project. The word JIKANKEI is the Time System in Japanese. JIKANKEI does not express scientifically accurate data. It is just an Art work. Linger in the morning brightness, in the afternoon glow, and enjoy the gradually...

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