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CognatrixImporter reads thesaurus data expressed in XML and writes it into a Cognatrix thesaurus document. CognatrixImporter currently understands Cognatrix, Zthes, APAIS and TermTree formats. The importer builds a model of the thesaurus in memory and...

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IPGadget 1.7

IPGadget is a small calculator for verifying IPv4 address information. Given an IP address and network prefix size, IPGadget will show you: The subnet mask corresponding with the prefix size (eg "/24" = "")...

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Cognatrix 1.6.1

Cognatrix creates and maintains multilingual thesauri, dictionaries, taxonomies or similar information structures. Supports Preferred Terms, Variant Terms, Facets and user-defined Attributes. Standard relationship types include Broader, Narrower, Related,...


FrameSeer 1.8.1

FrameSeer is a native ("Cocoa") application for capturing, decoding and analyzing network traffic on Mac OS X. FrameSeer is released as a universal binary and currently supports Ethernet, AirPort, PPPoE, PPP and loopback interfaces, and uses the System...