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Blue Crab

Blue Crab 5.1 updated

Blue Crab is a versatile and thorough program that you use to copy the contents of a web site to your computer, in whole or in part, and then search or browse it offline. + Conduct fast offline browsing and searching without an internet connection.+...


PhotosBlender 1.0.6 updated

The best image blender! PhotosBlender is an app for combining photos horizontally or vertically using gradient blending at the seams where they are joined. What can PhotosBlender do for me? - Blends photos to create photomontages. - Blends...


Mailings 2.1 updated

Mailings is a mature, high-grade and stunning low-cost mail delivery app for sending personalized email messages to large groups of contacts. For business or personal use, Mailings is capable of sending thousands of messages, or just a hundred, directly...


ChalautCM 1.0

Contextual menu plug-in for launching applications as root.Requirements:Mac OS X 10.3 or...

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Twotade 1.0.1

Twotade is a drop application utility for setting the creation dates of files and folders to the modification date, and conversely. Various options are available, such as only processing files. To obtain a registered password you simply need to make a...

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DeleteFork is an application for deleting file resource and data forks in batch. DeleteFork can also move resources from a data fork into the resource fork, then delete the data fork.Requirements:Mac OS X...

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Futility 1.0.5

Futility: contextual menu and application for: Moving the data fork of a file into the resource fork, then deleting the data fork. Listing all resources in a resource fork by ID, type and name. Deleting a file's data fork. Deleting a file's resource...

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AddToAddressBookCM... is a contextual menu item for creating Address Book cards in a new group using the senders of selected Apple Mail messages. Control click on one or more messages in a message viewer list to expose the contextual menu. Then select...

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Xiafunge 1.0.8

Xiafunge is a utility for changing the extensions of files. To use: Drag one or more folders (or files) on top of the Xiafunge application in the Finder or the main window. Xiafunge immediately begins to traverse the folders and all their subfolders...

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AddFilesCM 1.0.1

AddFilesCM is a utility for concatenating the contents of plain text files, in alphabetical order, and placing the result in a new text file. The generated file is saved in a folder named "AddFiles" of your Home's Documents folder. The file name...