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KDE Plasma

KDE Plasma 5.8.5 LTS / 5.9 Beta updated

KDE Plasma (formerly K Desktop Environment and KDE Software Compilation and KDE Plasma Workspace and Applications) is an open source project comprised of numerous packages, libraries and applications designed to provide a modern graphical...


ISPConfig updated

ISPConfig is an open source hosting controlpanel for Linux. ISPConfig is licensed under BSD license. System requirementsOperating System: Linux (Kernel 2.4 or later with glibc6) (the following distributions are supported: Mandrake Linux starting from...

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This is in fact the Fedora GNOME Live CD distribution, but because GNOME is the default desktop environment of the Fedora Linux operating system, it is simply called Fedora Live CD. It is also the only Live CD edition of Fedora to feature a custom welcome...

Personal Data Security (PDS2) is a free and cross-platform software project written in the Java programming language and designed for all sort of security-related tasks, including encryption of folders and files, password generator, note protector, as...

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Ardour 5.5 updated

Ardour is an open source digital audio workstation (popularly known as DAW) graphical application that provides users with a state-of-the-art and very powerful solution for producing electronic music. It is supported on Linux and Mac OS X operating...

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LVM2 2.02.168 updated

LVM2 is an open source userspace toolset that has been designed from the ground up to provide logical volume management capabilities on Linux-based operating systems, allowing you to create snapshots of your partitions, as well as to effortlessly resize...

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Apache Subversion

Apache Subversion 1.9.5 updated

The goal of the Subversion project is to build a version control system that is a compelling replacement for CVS in the open source community. It is developed and distributed by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). Apache Subversion is a command-line...

Arch Linux

Arch Linux 2016.12.01 updated

Arch Linux is an open source Linux operating system that allows users to customize it as they see fit, in order to create the ultimate Linux computing environment that they need for a specific task. Allows you do anything you want With Arch Linux you...

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Btrfs-progs 4.8.5 updated

Btrfs is an open source Copy-on-Write file system designed especially for Linux operating system and aimed at implementing advanced features, while focusing on easy administration, repair, and fault tolerance. Features of the Btrfs filesystem Initially...


MediaInfo 0.7.91 updated

MediaInfo is a multi-platform and open source application that provides users with both a command-line program and a graphical user interface for visualizing various characteristics of audio and video files. It displays detailed information about the...

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