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OpenELEC 8.0.2 updated

OpenELEC (Open Embedded Linux Entertainment Center) is an open source and minimalistic Linux distribution primarily designed to be booted from CompactFlash or other flash-based memory cards or solid-state drives, and used on embedded systems. Supported...


Android-x86 6.0-r3 updated

Android-x86 is a port of the Android open source mobile operating system to the x86 (32-bit) architecture, allowing users to run Android applications and replace their existing operating system with the Android OS. Features at a glance Key features...


SABnzbd 2.0.0 / 2.0.1 RC1 updated

SABnzbd is an open source and cross-platform project that provides users with a binary newsreader, also known as NZB Usenet downloader. It supports Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. The program has been crafted to perfection and...

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MAME 0.185 updated

MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) is a freely distributed and non-profit project that provides users with a sophisticated arcade machine emulator software designed for the GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems. Supports a plethora of...

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Vim 8.0.586 updated

Vim (also known as Vi Improved) is an open source graphical and command-line utility that aims to deliver a full-featured text editor designed for experienced programmers and developers of any kind who are looking for a versatile tool to write code. Keep...

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Subsurface 4.6.4 updated

Subsurface is an open source project that provides users with a unique and sophisticated diving log application that’s capable of tracking both single-tank and multi-tank dives using air, TriMix or Nitrox. The program has been written by Linus...

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Fermi Linux

Fermi Linux 6.9 updated

Fermi Linux is an open source Linux operating system based on the popular Scientific Linux distribution, which is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Fermi Linux is created and used at Fermi National Accelerator Lab. It has gone through different names:...

Google Chrome

Google Chrome 58.0.3029.81 / 59.0.3071.29 Beta / 60.0.3080.5 Dev updated

Google Chrome, or Chrome, is a web browser software that tries to compete with major players, such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and even the Opera web browser. It is available for the Linux, Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS X...

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Manjaro Netbook Edition

Manjaro Netbook Edition updated

Manjaro Netbook Edition is a community-operated and open source Linux distribution based on the well known Manjaro operating system. It is tailored for netbook computers and uses a highly modified version of the lightweight Xfce desktop environment,...

Manjaro Pantheon

Manjaro Pantheon 2015.10 updated

Manjaro Pantheon is a free distribution of GNU/Linux derived from the Manjaro Linux operating system, which in turn is based on the famous Arch Linux OS. It is a community edition of Manjaro built around the beautiful and modern Pantheon desktop...