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Roller Rush

Roller Rush 1.1.1b

Manage your own, action-packed, drive-in diner in Roller Rush. If you are able to keep your customers happy and meet your goals by the end of the day, the sky's the limit. As your business starts booming invest and expand. Decide on the best improvements...

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SharePoints 3.5.4

SharePoints is an application or a preference pane that makes it easy to add and delete share points like in the old Finder. In Mac OS X, by default, you are limited to sharing only what is in your public folder in your home directory. This program makes...

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Make Symlink

Make Symlink 1.1.6

Make Symlink is a Mac OS X-compatible contextual menu plugin which allow users to create unix-styled symbolic links. Symbolic links, known as symlinks, resemble standard Mac OS X's aliases. The system generally treats a symlink as it does with an alias....

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Picture Namer is an application used to name a folder full of pictures. It is ideal for naming a folder of pictures freshly downloaded from a digital camera. Picture Namer gives you the option to preserve the picture order, add a group name to every...

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AFS Monitor

AFS Monitor 1.0.2

AFS Monitor monitors the AppleFileServer log file and provides a clean diplay of who is currently logged in and how many files and directories they have created and deleted since they logged in.What is new in this release:Updated to be a Universal...

Bliss Paint

Bliss Paint 2.4.1

Bliss Paint real-time animation tool for video, multimedia production, interactive live performances, and more. It can be triggered with MIDI and sound input, and optionally outputs QuickTime digital video. Powerful image and color synthesis algorithms...


HLTrackerX 1.05

HLTrackerX is a Hotline Tracker Client Application. It fetches the server lists from an unlimited number of trackers. Supports searching/sorting and exporting as HTML. Also available as Module for Heidrun.What is new in this release:fixed time-out bug...


MEG 3.0

MEG interacts with your Default Email program and encapsulates your email groups (distribution lists) apart from your e-mail program so they're easy to back up. No more lost groups when you move to a new Email program or new computer!What is new in this...

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9 Quicktime effects (Flip, Mixer, MotionBlur, Fade, PayTV, Conversion 4:3 - 16:9, Conversion Aspect Ratio, Isolate Color, Dimmer Transition) to use with standard video editing tools (Final Cut, Premiere, Quicktime Pro, HyperEngine-AV). Every 2 hours of...

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