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WMV Export Component for QuickTime Creating high quality content is an extremely complex task. With Popwire Windows Media 9 Component you will always produce professional Windows Media content.Requirements:Mac Os X, 10.3.x or later, QT7Limitations:30-day...

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TC2 Remote is a utility to control Pro-Lite TrueColorII and similar Digital LCD displays.What is new in this release:Remote Connection Window Features: Program Speed Slider Date & Time. Target Count Up. Time Count Down. Run a program x number of...

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MenuMusic 1.0

MenuMusic is simple background (all you see is small 'M' in menubar) mp3 player for Mac OS X with possibility to select multiple playlists together.Requirements:Mac OS X 10.3 or higher in 10.3 QuickTime 7 or higher is...

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Filegazer 1.3.1

The size and capacity of hard drives have been growing out of control. Filegazer is designed to cope with that. This tool enhances our interaction with disks and their content. The overall goal of Filegazer to find what you need faster, better and while...

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MenuShade 1.1

The menubar is almost always on your screen, burning into your LCD and actually causing a permanent white streak across the top (like the old monitors)... but not only that, it also burns your eyes... so darken it a little with MenuShade.What is new in...

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Who wants to use a game launcher? It's fine to just double click on the icon from the Finder right? Right! But err... most games need as much processor power as they can use right? Right. So before launching the game you need to quit as many...

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SheetSpeed 1.0.3

This program will allow you to change the speed that sheets move on your documents and in your applications. Examples of these sheets are the drop down sheets you see when you save a file in TextEdit and many other applications.What is new in this...

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tunebounce 1.0.1

Tired of the same music. Looking for something different. Check out Tunebounce, a music recommendation service which uploads statistics from your iTunes library and makes suggestions on what other bands and albums you make like based on what others with...


Samurai 2.1.1

Samurai is a GUI flavored tabbed "tail -f" tool. It lets you not only browse any sort of log file but also see visualized CSV files, Java's vebosegc logs and so on. Good for all developers and system administrators.What is new in this release:added...