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Dreamland Checker is a Level Editor for Bub & Bob 2, one of the greatest ways to make your gigaflop supercomputer behave like a trusty old Commodore 64. The usage of Dreamland Checker is next to obvious. The main thing to do is 'drawing' your level....

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eLEOquent 1.1

eLEOquent provides you with quick access to a bidirectional English-German dictionary, as well as a French-German one, through the system-wide Services menu and keyboard shortcuts respectively. What this means is that you can easily look up a word...

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flexCard 0.4.4

A new take on flash card management. Dealing with a large and varied deck has never been easier. Intuitive searching and sorting: Quickly find the flash cards you wish to review. Need to review all of the verbs introduced in chapter 10 for an upcoming...

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UTCache 1.0

When you get a new map, texture, etc from UT 2004, it saves it to its cache. Sometimes though it is nice to be able to play these via instant action, or to use them in your own server, so this gives you a list of everything in the cache, and then renames...

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Everybody loves their iPod. And now they will love it more. With iPodulator Pro, compatible with most iPods, you can put text-only versions of your favorite websites on your iPod. iPodulator Pro keeps your Websites updated and it isn't constrained by the...

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Boing 2

Boing is a full screen visualization program for OSX that produces a randomly selected character at a randomly selected location on your screen every time you press the space bar. You can change the font size by moving your mouse up and down. Also allows...


Verzerrer 1.5

Verzerrer 1.5 is a VST effects plugin that completely decimates audio. It throws both fists and feet at your audio with four different parameters for punishing your sounds. Note: the Pluggo runtime is required for this plugin to operate.Requirements:Mac...