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quExp 1.6.1

quExp helps you manage and track your daily expenses in seconds. Features: Universal Binary add & remove item auto calculation Auto save and load Custom title Color Label Selectable Themes Decimals invalidator Custom currency...


spooky 1.6.1

Spooky is an AppleScript, designed to give you the ability to handle front window size and position with your keyboard. You can maximize your front window to full screen or just to the sides or the edges of the screen. You can move your front window to...

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You can search the internet from within Dashboard. This is an easy to use widget and great for finding something quickly and easily. It minimizes and allows you to save space in dashboard also it includes an update checker to check when new releases are...


fuhQuake 0.31.6

FuhQuake for MacOS X is a port of the win32/ linux quakeworld client that aims not only to have a plethora of gameplay and console improvements, but to also incorporate stunning visual effects and eyecandy.What is new in this release:game menu pops up on...

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gps2geX 1.6

GPS-to-Google Earth, or gps2ge, is a utility to monitor your GPS position and track in Google Earth.Features: Tilts, tracks and zooms to follow your position in real time Your choice of fix icon (aeroplane, car, or generic position marker) Icon changes...


Mindburn 1.2.1

Today we have more opportunities for getting information than at any other time in our history. We have so much that it's sometimes easy to forget that unless this information ends up in our heads as knowledge it is useless. Mindburn is a sophisticated...

System 47

System 47 2.2.1

A great Star Trek "LCARS" style screen saver, for those folks who are missing the old After DarkStar Trek modules on newer MacOS versions. This one is even better.What is new in this release:Universal binaryRequirements:Mac OS X 10.0 or...

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DING 1.05

DING! is a specially designed tool that brings live updates of southwest.com offers directly to your desktop, allowing you to get a jump on the latest southwest.com sales. In addition, the DING! application provides quick and easy access to popular...


PodSmith 2.0

PodSmith is a utility to make full use of your iPod. PodSmith uses your iPod as a key for security and for various synchronization features. With PodSmith, iPod works as a key for your computer. You can lock or unlock your Macintosh with your iPod.What...