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DUB Messages RSS

DUB Messages RSS 1.1 rev.c

A simple headline reader for the imperial DUB recording's community message board. Features the 15 of the most recent topics created, present the headlines from the main RSS feed. Each headline is a clickable link to the thread itself.Requirements:Mac OS...

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Keep track of the latest news and reviews in the world of creativity with the "Eyes on Creativity" RSS widget. The widget downloads the latest headlines from the popular Web site and offers links to the full stories.Requirements:Mac OS X 10.4 or...

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Drop Word

Drop Word 1.0

The first multilingual six language word puzzler in the world! Boast your skills in Polyglot Game or master foreign languages in Teacher mode. First choose your native language, and then the language that you want to learn. In the game you see a list of...

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