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QueueSync Mail is the Conduit which synchroniz E-Mail between Entourage of MicroSoft and Mail app of Palm. Supports Palm mail programs "Mail" and "Mark/Space Mail","MultiMail SE","VersaMail","Clie Mail".But, "MultiMail" checks only Japanese edition."Clie...

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XiinoBookmark 0.9.0b

XiinoBookmark is the program which edits the bookmark of Xiino Palm with a Macintosh.Requirements:Mac OS X 10.3 or later Palm Desktop 4.0 or...

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swfShrink 0.1

swfShrink is a Java-based freeware that enables to (re-)compress images of a Flash movie to reduce its file size.What is new in this release: manual selection of images to (re-)compress (only 32 bit lossless compressed images) manual tuning of the JPG...


Tetroku 1.1

Can you reach Tetroku? Strategically place falling blocks in this pulse racing Sudoku/Tetris hybrid game. Complete the grid of 81 squares to reach your goal - Tetroku! Position the numbered blocks (1-9) as they fall so that the numbers do not appear in...

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TrigAid 1.1

The perfect companion for when you're studying or doing homework, TrigAid helps you learn the material by showing you the formula and the correct calculation, and it helps you save time on your assignments by giving you the correct calculation with just a...


Tunalyzer 1.1

The Tunatic database is maintained by the Tunatic community itself through a program called Tunalyzer. Tunalyzer (when installed and enabled) scans your computer for music. When it finds a song that is not in Tunatic's database yet, it analyzes it and...

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AbsoluteDeNoiser is an easy to use software (step 1,2,3) that produces very competitive noise reduction filtering for digital images. It is a Java software that should run on almost every machine: Windows 98/2000/XP, Mac OS X, Unix, Linux... Important:...

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PTBatch 2.1 (v25)

PTBatch is the ideal tool for mass producing panoramas using a precision panorama head such as those from 360precision.com. With PTBatch, you can shoot panoramas all day long and let your computer stitch the panoramas unattended overnight. PTBatch can...

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ByTheNumbers 2.1.5

You have to fill in a 3x3 square so that the rows, columns and diagonals add up to specified numbers. Your score decreases with the time it takes to solve the puzzle. You are given the choice of buying a number at a cost of loosing time. Expert version...

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