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Canz3D 2.5b1 updated

Canz3D is an audio plug-in which processes sound to simulate true stereo imaging when listening with headphones. It simulates two speakers in a room with adjustable dimensions and acoustic properties. Many other simulation parameters are also adjustable....


Ortograf 1.2

Play Scrabble with others or against the computer, so you don't have to have another person to play with you. You can select from 5 options for the person/computer you are playing against. You can select "A person" if you want to play against a human, or...

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eReader 2.7fp

Palm Reader for Macintosh has the features that you're already familiar with on your handheld and translates them to your Macintosh computer. You can still navigate your books by clicking on the screen, and add bookmarks and annotations, but now on the...

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PTHVolume 2.2.0

PTHVolume 2 is an utility for Mac OS X 10.5 and later that is used to control the volume of your Mac OS X machine. For most people the included Mac OS X widget is sufficient for controlling volume. There are however two situations in which PTHVolume 2 is...

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Using TunePrompter is easy. Download and install Griffin iKaraoke Tune Prompter Open TunePrompter Load your favorite song Type your lyrics in or let TunePrompter help you find them Tap your spacebar along with the music to teach TunePrompter ... and...


Up 0.8.1

Up! is a small Cocoa application that can resize and sharpen photos and upload them to a blog software via the MetaWebLog API.What is new in this release:Bugfix that makes Up! work with WordPress now. Tested with a blog at wordpress.com.Requirements:Tiger...

Open source REALbasic classes that hook into the powerful cross platform FMOD Ex audio library by Firelight Technologies Pty, Ltd. Features include advanced playback options for a wide range of audio formats, 3D audio, multichannel and surround sound...

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SqliteQuery 0.7.3

SqliteQuery is a utility for executing SQL statements on SQLite databases. You can edit and maintain existing databases or create new ones through the user-interface. SqliteQuery comes with the compiled SQLite database library builtin. The main purpose...

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