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AAA 5.3.1 updated

AAA is an easy, quick and powerful tool for keeping and managing text notes. You can hide/show it with a simple click on its icon in the Notification Area. AAA can store a history of the Clipboard of Windows, it can calculate statistics and it features...


Zoom 1.3.2 updated

Zoom magnifies in its window the area around the mouse pointer. It also shows width and height of the viewing area, pointer coordinates and color of the pointed pixel. Set the zoom ratio you want and whether the application should stay on top of the...

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VideoKifu 0.9.9

VideoKifu reconstructs the whole move sequence of a Go game from a possibly unattended video feed, either live or deferred. It produces an SGF file and a game record (the so called kifu) in PNG format.Requirements:.NET Framework 4 Client...

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PhotoKifu 3.1 updated

PhotoKifu converts a set of pictures of a goban, taken during a Go game, into an SGF file and/or a game record (the so called kifu), both containing the moves of the game. It can be also used to draw the kifu of a game whose SGF file is already...

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TheGeekClock shows date (year, month, day, week, day of week, day of year) and time (hour, minute, second, fraction of a second) as an 8x8 "bits" image, which can be displayed in the notification area too. Various formats are available for an accurate...