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Kaohi 2.0

Your child is hooked on MSN, spending hours a day chatting with his buddies. Blocking it seems like an easy way out, but you've been a teenager too and you know this is not the answer. Molowa has the solution: time control on Mac OS X with Kaohi.What is...


Palua 1.1

Palua is a menu bar app that switches function key (F1-F12) functionality. You need to run a game, or start a graphic application, or work on a project that need F1-F12 as function keys, just hit option+command+TAB and the switch will happen. With Palua,...

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sunCase 2.0.1

Just select the type of box you have, drag and drop the picture you want printed and sunCase will render it on the printer at the right size for your cover. Multiple DVD boxes are supported, and more will be added through updates, along with any requests...