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Pester 1.1b23 updated

Miss your bus or train? Have a meeting coming up soon and want to be reminded of it? Too much trouble to create an appointment in iCal or Entourage? Pester can help you create alarms quickly and easily. What is new in this release: Pester is now a...

F-Script Anywhere lets you embed a F-Script interpreter in any Cocoa application. You can use F-Script like a debugger, so you can examine your application's objects in a richer environment than GDB or Project Builder. F-Script Anywhere can also be useful...


ICeCoffEE 1.5b5

ICeCoffEE lets you open URLs in some Mac OS X applications by Command-clicking on them. It adds a "Services" menu item in many contextual menus, and optionally to the menu bar as well.What is new in this release:supports more URL styles, displays icons...

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Appswitch 1.1.1

If you use shell scripts to automate OS X applications, you may need to switch between applications. You could use AppleScript via osascript(1), but it may take several seconds for the script to compile and execute--or you could use appswitch, which works...

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Shroud 1.2

Shroud places a solid-color backdrop behind windows or applications on your Mac to allow you to focus. Unlike some similar applications, the backdrop doesn't activate when you click on it, messing up your carefully arranged workspace. Shroud also...

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Launch 1.2.2

Apple provides a simple command-line launching program called open with OS X. It offers few options--launching applications by name or by path, launching TextEdit, or opening a number of applications, documents, folders, or URLs. With the exception of...