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VipRiser 2.1 updated

VipRiser is extensible virtual PDF printerIts main purpose is to produce a PDF from any application that can print and optionally pass it to any workflow that may follow afterwards. Although the purpose is very similar to other solutions out there, it...


ActoTracker 0.8.63

Think of it as bookmarking application for desktop apps and documents Its purpose is to help you to answer questions such as: - what was that document I was working on Monday morning last week - what was the email that let me to change this file - what...

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TagoMan 0.6.2

It helps you organize your files, links and notes using tags. As one can assign multiple tags to an entry, tags can be used to group entries in arbitrary and flexible way without moving documents around. It is also possible to link one entry to another as...

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Tactor 0.3.3

Tactor tries to guess the best action for current text selection. For example consider text containing http://xyz.com - an URL link. Or ~/Documents/MyPresentation.key - a presentation file. Both matchers and actions are fully customizable. Tactor's...

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LinCastor 0.8.5

The LinCastor enables you to register your own custom URL scheme (e.g. mylink://foo/bar) and associate it with an application, shell or AppleScript handler. As most OS X application support embedding links as part of a text, custom URL schemes provide a...

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