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iSleep 1.0.1

iSleep is a simple timer for the Mac, allowing you to set when your Mac will restart, shutdown, and sleep.What is new in this release:- Improved support for OS X Tiger.- Improved support for OS X Leopard.- Improved support for OS X Snow Leopard.- Improved...

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SimpleRSS 1.0.1

SimpleRSS is a beautiful RSS reader application designed & enhanced for OS X Lion. SimpleRSS takes RSS simply, has basic Google Reeder support, and manages it with a wonderful destraction-free built-in sidebar. Features: - Uses 64-bit for the...


Scrawl 1.2

Scrawl is the world's simplest and most easy-to-use note taking application ever. It is always sitting in the menu bar for easy access whenever you need it, and it syncs your notes across all of your Macs with iCloud.What is new in this release:Enhanced...

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