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RBrowser updated

Remote Browser version 4 (RBrowser(R)) provides access to files on the local host as well as remote systems and a Folder Sync Engine with an easy-to-use graphical interface. RBrowser provides secure File transfers as well as Folder Sync that preserves HFS...


AASync 3.6.5

AASync is a Secure File Backup, Folder Sync utility for Mac and Windows. It is simple to use, and it allows local as well as remote backups over an FTP or SFTP connection. Makes it very easy to back up your files to a remote server or another local disk...



AASync: Secure Backups/Folder Synchronization with Encryption Running a small business and need secure off-site backups for your intellectual property? Need security and Need security and easy access to your data at a low cost? Have Macs and PC's in your...