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iShare 20030730

iShare is an app that makes sharing files between local computers easy.iShare uses Apple's Rendevous technology to find other copies of iShare running on your local network. Once found, you can browse and download files simply by dragging them onto your...


CamGrabber 20030801

CamGrabber is a very simple, free Cocoa app for grabbing images from a video camera source such as an iSight.What is new in this release: 640x480 instead of 320x240 photo count feature photos named by date and time taken photos save in their own folder...

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SoundBrowser 20040323

SoundBrowser is a Cocoa OSX application for quickly browsing large sound file collections. Supports aif, aiff, aifc, alaw, au, mp3, snd, ulaw, ulw and wav format. Just drag in a folder and then use the arrow keys to navigate.Requirements:Mac OS X 10.2 or...

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Shredder 20050612

Shredder is a pure Cocoa application for shredding files, folders, free disk space and web browser cookies and history (using srm). Supports automatic timed daily or weekly shreds. All features FREE except shredding free disk space.What is new in this...


WebGrazer 20080911

WebGrazer is a OSX app for browsing and automatically downloading free adult images and movies from the internet. Free for 100 downloads. It's been completely rewritten to take advantage of Mac OSX 10.5.What is new in this release:A complete rewrite and...

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