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TryC 1.2.1

TryC is for writing and running small C program. It's just for C learners. Mac OS X includes Developer Tools a developing environment for making Macintosh applications. But if someone wants to study programming using C, Xcode is too big and too...


QaLL 2.0.1

QaLL terminates every running applications at once. With the touch of a button, it will also relaunch all applications that have been terminated by QaLL. Of course, you can specify apps that you don't want to terminate. Mac OS X is able to run many apps...


gamaguchi 2.1

gamaguchi is a very simple, easy to use household accounts software. It's especially suitable for the use of one person.One attractive feature of this software is its simplicity.Even if accounting software has many useful functions, it's of no use if...

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No.1 1.0

No.1 is a simple arithmetic exercises of the mind. Make the result of expressions to "1", by changing the operators "+, -, ?~, ??". Those operators can be changed by clicking. For example: ?@2+7+9+4=1 should be changed to ?@2?~7-9-4=1 One game...

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iLingual 1.2.3

iLingual helps you localize other applications. There are other localizing tools like AppleGlot but, for many, they are too complicated and too difficult to use. I wanted an easier, more "Mac"-feeling tool, so I created iLingual. There are no complicated...

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Clover Diary

Clover Diary 2.8.0

Clover Diary, though simple, provides basic functions for keeping a diary-like calendar view, password protection, and others. It also has some functions that might encourage you make entries in your diary everyday. So, even if you've tried in the past to...

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CopyPath 1.2.0

CopyPath allows user to copy selected file's file path via Finder's Context menu. It can be a replacement of Contextual menu plugin which is abolished on Mac OS X 10.6. Please refer to "Read Me" before use it. The package contains source code.What is new...