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DropMeFTP 1.6.0

DropMeFTP does one simple thing: Upload one or more files to your FTP-Server. Just set up the appropriate folder, enter FTP-Server, User and Password. You should also set the correct URL and subfolder where to download the uploaded file. DropMeFTP...


SpeakToMe 1.5.2

SpeakToMe says what you enter. It uses the speech synthesis of Mac OS X with 79 different voices (Lion) in different languages. You may choose the language using the drop down on the left. Attention: To use languages other than English on Mac OS X Lion,...

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Diskonverter 1.5.1

Diskonverter makes handling Disk Images easier. You can drag and drop Images or folders to convert, create or compact DMGs, ISOs and other Imags. Diskonverter relies on the Mac OS X Framework. First select the destination folder, then click in the window...


MenuMail 1.4.2

MenuMail is a small Tool sitting in the Menubar of Mac OS X (a so called Menulet). It will take the account-information of up to 4 different Mail-Accounts, and display the amount of mails waiting in every single of them. No mail will be harmed or deleted....

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Tablelizer 1.0.3

Sometimes, you have the image or printout of a diagram - but lack the original Excelfile. Tablelizer helps to extract data from these images. First, you have to measure the Chart, and set the origin and reference-sizes. If Y-Axis ranges from 0 to 10, then...

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