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Big 1.0.2 updated

Big is presentation system that runs in the browser and was built around the concept of minimalism. It takes text and images and bloats them up as much as possible, making them very readable on screen. This allows the presentation to run properly without...

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Stickshift 1.5.1

Stickshift aids developers in viewing an SQL query's information in a much coherent way.While Web-based database GUIs use datagrids to display database query results, Stickshift optionally renders stacked, line, or map charts out of the information as...


Chroniton 1.1.0

Chroniton is a versatile time and date picker that can be used together with charts and data visualizations.The component can be incredibly useful whenever needing to display statistical data that's recorded using timestamps, allowing users to filter and...

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heard 0.0.1

heard is a native Mac application that sits in your menu bar and records what you listen to in iTunes. It's the small part of last.fm that I want. It records when you start a song, how long the song is, the artist, et. cetera. It's anti-social, has...