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Azile 1.6.0

Azile is a slightly "altered" version of Eliza, the classic mainframe psychologist emulation program. Azile is a cranky therapist who couldn't care less what your problems are.What is new in this release:First release of Azile for OS X (synchronized with...

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Eliza X

Eliza X 1.6

Eliza will play the part of a psychologist, conducting an open-ended clinical interview. As the patient, you get Eliza's opinions and advice on a wide range of subjects. Eliza has a large vocabulary and the ability to formulate a virtually unlimited...

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Re-Pete 1.3.1

Re-Pete is an elegant, easy-to-learn (but hard-to-master) pattern-remembering game. It can be used for memory enhancement, relaxation, or just plain...

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