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iconStiX 3.6 updated

conStiX is a simple program to combine images, add text and attach composition as custom icon to desktop items such as folder. It is cooperated with the Finder's services, so that you can select "Open iconStiX" in the Finder's contextual menu.What is new...


JiXii 3.4.4 updated

Start the program with a double-click or by dropping an image file onto the program icon. Scatter pieces by selecting a menu item (under "Puzzle") and drag pieces back to the right position. Rotate a piece, if necessary, by double-clicking it. Take your...

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ColoFolXS 1.5.2 updated

- Easy to adjust colors with the color sliders or using the color panel. - Possible to keep not only colors but also your favorite folder icons on the main panel (drop an icon image to the empty cell while pressing the alt (option)-key). - Once the...

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iconXprit 3.7 updated

iconXprit allows you can ctrl-click an item in the Finder to get a contextual menu "iconXprit". The menu contains various functions to add custom icons, color and text as layers. Colors and texts added from the menus are more than visible markers - items...


iconCompo 3.7.2

Main features:image adjustment (size, direction, transformation, color, etc.)save composite images in several formats or attach them to existing files/foldersA variant ('OpenDrop') icon can be addeddrag&drop start-up / automatic attachment in saved custom...