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CarrierEditor 1.0.9 updated

CarrierEditor allows you to customize your iOS device's carrier logo to something totally different. This is limited to devices that can support data/phone service, so no WiFi-only devices. Some carriers might not be supported because they do not use...


InstaSign 3.8

A codesigning utility built with elegance and efficiency for the Mac OS X platform.What is new in this release:- Added more compatibility! - New and Nifty Features! - Leopard Support! - Growl No Longer...

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Shift 1.0rc10

Shift is suppose to create a unique and easy way to customize your Mac OS by being suited with a complete set of tools to redesign the look of your computer. So far Shift can change any file, app, directory's icon as well as change the generic icon files....

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Paste in some JSON that's giving you trouble and this JSON Validator will highlight in red right where the problem...

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