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Thinglink 1.0

Thinglink is an open database for anyone, from artists to designers, collectors and trends potters, and to add and publish portfolios with their favorite things. Thinglink is an open-source initiative to build a free product code and an open database for...

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feedgen 0.3.0

The feedgen module can practically be used to generate a wide range of feeds, for broadcasting news in an organized fashion.Besides the almighty RSS format, Atom and other XML-like feed formats are also supported as well.From feed meta to entries and...


UMapper 6.x-1.2

It implements methods for users to add customized maps on a Drupal page/node.Installation:Unpack in your modules folder (usually ...


zRSSFeed 1.2.0

zRSSFeed can be used to build simple widgets where the content of remote sites syndicated via the RSS or Atom protocols can be pulled in and displayed.zRSSFeed is extremely customizable, from CSS styles up to various variables and options built-in the...

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Kiwi IRC

Kiwi IRC 0.9.3 updated

Kiwi IRC runs on Node.js and can be used as a way to get in contact with your clients and provide support for your services and products.Once installed the client can easily be embedded on other sites via an iframe, or it can be run as a standalone...


ZeeMaps 1.0

ZeeMaps makes it simple for you to create an interactive world map. The map is stored on our server, and accessible anytime, anywhere from a web browser. With a special member password, your group members can also add entries on the map. Upload a CSV file...

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Chkobba (original name is Scopa) is a card game played almost daily in the country's such as Tunisia, Mexico, Italy. The target of the game is by taking as much cards as possible and trying to clean the table to get an extra point. The points will be...

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WeBid 1.1.2P2 updated

It can be use to quickly set up online multi-user auction sites.InstallationUpload all the files except the docs directoryCHMOD the uploads directory to 0777CHMOD the includes/data.inc.php to 0777CHMOD the includes/countries.inc.php to 0777CHMOD the...

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RoyalSlider 9.5.7

RoyalSlider benefits from many features, making it ideal for any kind of implementation and usage scenarios.Even if developed with jQuery, support for modern technologies like CSS3 and HTML5 are included.The plugin comes with lots of examples (slider...