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Veno File Manager

Veno File Manager 2.3.0 updated

Veno File Manager (VFM) is a PHP application that allows one or more users to interact with a Web-based file hosting system. VFM can let users upload files, create folders, rename directories, explore their content, etc., all from the user's browser. Veno...


pagenav.js 1.2.5 updated

pagenav.js can be used in building numbered pagination systems, a well-known and well-used navigation system for large data collections embedded on a Web page. The plugin comes with support for next/prev controls and a current page indicator. A sample...

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OpenCart updated

OpenCart provides merchants with a solid solution for creating their own online businesses and stores at minimal costs. The platform comes with a lot of tools allowing every store to be modeled around its products, clients, and local environment. As with...


WordPress 4.6 updated

WordPress is a World-renowned system that focuses on aesthetics, Web standards, and usability. Since its launch in 2003, it has garnered the attention of users and developers alike, mainly due to the usage of best development practices and a finely tuned...

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phpMyAdmin 4.6.4 updated

phpMyAdmin has reached the stratosphere of fame in Web development, almost completely identifying itself with the product it serves. Just by saying phpMyAdmin, any developer these days will think of MySQL. Some don't even know MySQL doesn't come with...


Meteor 1.4.1 updated

Meteor premieres new top of the line concepts in developing Web and mobile JS-centered applications. It uses a solid JavaScript core, filled with lots of useful APIs that work the same on both the client and server side. This means code is easier to...


React 15.3.1 updated

React uses a declarative, XML-like syntax known as JSX, letting developers build well-organized code structures with ease. JSX mixes HTML with JavaScript, which when passed through React gets converted to normal JS markup. The library uses very little DOM...


Symfony 3.1.4 / 2.8.9 updated

Symfony is based on the best practices of Web development around the Internet. The framework's goal is to speed up the creation, maintenance, and deployment of live, interactive Web applications. Symfony is considered one of the best PHP frameworks out...

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Mura CMS

Mura CMS 6.2.6543 / 7.0.6730 RC updated

Mura CMS comes in two separate flavors. Mura Standard: The source files for Mura and can be deployed on any Adobe ColdFusion MX7 (or newer) or Railo 2.0+ server. Mura Express: A version to get up and running instantly. Mura Express is a fully...


WooCommerce 2.6.4 updated

WooCommerce can easily transforms WordPress into a complete e-commerce platform, adding all the appropriate and necessary tools for managing anything from products, to taxes, and coupons. This plugin comes with lots of features, ranging from simple...