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Apache Ant

Apache Ant 1.9.7 updated

Apache Ant doesn't work on top of a shell like the aforementioned projects, but on top of Java itself. Ant can be used to allow administrators to manage various facets of their projects using a XML-based configuration file. This file can be used to store...


Sixpack 2.2.0 updated

A/B testing in Web development is a method for presenting two different solutions to two different groups, gathering results and taking the appropriate decision, choosing between implementing solution A or solution B.Sixpack is a framework that allows...

Gigya - Social Infrastructure

Gigya - Social Infrastructure 7.x-4.9 / 6.x-3.2 updated

The Gigya module for Drupal is fully configurable, requiring little time to install. This module requires more than downloading and enabling to work properly. Please be sure to see the installation section of the documentation for instructions on how to...

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Ramjet 0.5.0 updated

Ramjet uses a series of well-timed CSS3 transitions to make elements appear they are morphing into their next state, regardless of its content or size. The library can be used for static, in-place transformations, but it can also be used for moving...

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Symfony CMF

Symfony CMF 1.3.0 updated

CMF stands for Content Management Framework, a concept in Web design that stands as the base for CMS (Content Management System).In simpler terms Symfony CMF is a Symfony bundle to add CMS functionality to any application developed on top of...

IP2Location PHP Module

IP2Location PHP Module 7.2.4 updated

The IP2Location PHP Module allows developers to create servers-ide JavaScript applications capable of connecting to IP2Location databases.The class can send an IP address to the database and retrieving the desired geographical information about it.This...


Chevereto 3.7.5 / 2.6.0 updated

Chevereto comes in two main branches, the 2.x branch which is open sourced for anyone to use and abuse in any way or form, and the 3.x series, a commercial version with more features and coded to work with more modern technologies. As a product, Chevereto...


OpenSeadragon 2.2.1 updated

OpenSeadragon is an image viewer that can adapt to any of your projects. By default it includes support for image zooming, drag-and-drop panning, auto-centering, and various buttons for controlling the widget. All of these can be turned on or off, based...

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PMD Code Analyzer

PMD Code Analyzer 5.5.0 updated

PMD can be utilized in finding possible bugs,  duplicate code, unused variables and methods. It can also identify badly performing code blocks, unnecessary "if" statements, wrongfully expressed "for" loops (that could be rewritten as "while" loops),...