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Bulma 0.0.28 updated

Bulma is a UI framework that takes a different approach to user interface building. The framework is coded in Sass, but designed to use the CSS3 Flexbox feature, which makes building native responsive layouts much easier. This also ensures that Web pages...

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MongoKit updated

The module is built on top of the native MongoDB Python driver.What is new in this release:Now MongoKit required PyMongo >= 2.5 find_and_modify returns None if the query fails Fix off-by-one error on SchemaDocument Fix inherited queries Fix for...


phpBB 3.1.9 /3.2.0-RC1 updated

phpBB is considered one of the best open source forum scripts around, being mature enough to be used without problems in any project that might need a discussion board added to it. Created back in 2000, phpBB was at one point the absolute leader in forum...


phpIPAM 1.2.1 updated

phpIPAM was built to help administrators of large Internet networks manage their IPs and the clients assigned to each of them. It's a visual tool for managing the network via a Web browser, built on PHP, jQuery and Bootstrap. What is new in this...

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WP EasyCart

WP EasyCart 3.2.28 updated

WP EasyCart is the plugin developers need to transform the WordPress CMS/blogging engine into a fully-blown e-commerce tool. The plugin comes in multiple licensing models, the premiere disadvantage of the free version being limited to only a 5 product...


Slate 0.11.2

Slate is a simple tool to build rich text editors (RTEs) that are easy to modify based on each project. Slate lets developers change the buttons and controls that appear in the WYSIWYG editor, but they can also use plugins to create their own. The...

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Kunena 5.0.0 updated

Kunena can be installed like any other Joomla component and will add a special section in the Joomla backend where the admin can build and customize his forum. The component features its own administration dashboard where all forum related settings are...

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Dolphin 7.3.2 updated

Dolphin can be used to create feature-rich social networks, news portals, dating sites, media sharing portals or any other kind of online communities. It features an installation wizard, administration panel, user management, and various file sharing...

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Softaculous 4.7.9 updated

Softaculous allows web hosting companies to provide users with an automated solution for installing complex web applications. An auto-installer can be used to install scripts and software without the user having to upload files. All files and database...


Magnolia 5.4.8 updated

Magnolia is based on the Java Content Repository standard (JSR-170). Magnolia is renowned for its outstanding combination of ease-of-use and enterprise architecture. It is used to power the digital communication of anyone from governments to leading...