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1010data 1.0

1010data offers a revolutionary, highperformance, userfriendly, Webbased service for analyzing and managing data. Our unique technology allows us to build and manage databases in a fraction of the usual time and at a fraction of the usual cost and allows...

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123ContactForm is the handy way to build advanced forms and surveys for web and mobile in minutes. You can control all stages of form making right from your dashboard: form creation, scripting, submissions administration, statistics. Create custom contact...

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123D Make

123D Make 1.0

123D Make lets you turn 3D models into 2D build plans with animated assembly instructions. Easily convert any 3D STL or OBJ file into a physical object using automatically generated 2D build plans and animated assembly instructions....


123fix 1.1

Watchmakers want to make watches. Most of time they have a lot of work in getting organized, informing customers, keep track of administration / invoicing / archiving / stock control price agreements. 123fix takes care of this. Customers (jewelers) can...

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