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The aim of Spider Solitaire Online is to clear all the cards from the board in the given amount of moves. There are bonus items that you can collect along the way that will help you such as the joker card which will remove any card from the board or the...

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RabbitMQ 3.6.3 updated

RabbitMQ is made up of two parts. A server that tells messages where to go and client for sending and receiving data. Working around AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol ), RabbitMQ is designed to efficiently support a wide variety of messaging...

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Piwik 2.16.2 updated

Piwik is written in PHP and MySQL, and like Google Analytics needs the webmaster to embed a JavaScript tracking code into his website. Once properly setup, unlike Google Analytics, Piwik works from the webmaster's server, keeping all the tracked data...

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Ghost 0.9.0 updated

Ghost is a new, unique and ground-breaking blogging system that provides a solid alternative to 3rd-party or self-hosted solutions like WordPress, Blogger or Tumblr. Created to work mainly on top of JavaScript, Ghost utilizes the power of Node.js to deal...


Joomla 3.6.2 / 2.5.28 updated

Joomla! is a very powerful CMS, very flexible through the hundreds of extensions developed for it. It can be used for a variety of purposes, from corporate websites, to portals, and up to personal homepages. The CMS works with most Web hosting services...


AngularJS 2.0.0 / 1.5.8 updated

AngularJS uses an unique coding philosophy to properly arrange and structure a Web application, making easier to control and customize, just by JavaScript, without no complex server-side interactions. AngularJS improves dynamics and views management in a...


jQuery 3.1.1 / 2.2.4 / 1.12.4 updated

jQuery can be used for DOM traversing, JS event handling, Web-based animations and running Ajax interactions. The library simplifies the way JavaScript has to be written and is suitable for a wide range of Web applications. jQuery benefits from thousands...

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jQuery UI

jQuery UI 1.12.1 updated

jQuery UI is a frontend UI framework that exists before frontend UI frameworks were cool. This library revolutionized how Web-based frontends where built and has been an inspiration or has stood at the center of many CSS and UI frameworks since its...


TypeScript 2.0.3 updated

TypeScript adds types, classes and modules to JavaScript, making JS a real alternative to established large-scale programming languages like Ruby, Python, C# or Java. It's similar to CoffeeScript, being a superset of JavaScript that in the end compiles...