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AbanteCart 1.1.2

AbanteCart is a shopping cart or e-commerce platform for small to medium size business. Among many features included in the application, below are the main key advantages over other applications that you need to know. It is free with free support. It is...


Clappr 0.2.35 updated

Clappr can be easily customized to fit any requirements your Web projects might have and can be used with both mobile and desktop environments.The player does not only allow developers to skin its interface, but they can go deeper than that and change how...

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Feedbin February 2014

Coded on top of the 4.x branch of Ruby on Rails, Feedbin is a powerful Ruby application that can be used to parse, update, and allow users to view data syndicated via RSS feeds.Feedbin can be a good alternative to Feedly if you plan to move your...

Chrono Download Manager lets you start and manage your downloads in Chrome in an easy and efficient way. Chrono is tightly integrated with Chrome (Context Menu, Toolbar), it takes over all your downloads, and manage them in a browser tab rather than a...

Jssor Slider

Jssor Slider 20.0.0 updated

Jssor Slider can be used with or without jQuery loaded on the page and can also work fine inside Bootstrap-based projects. Developers are spoiled with a large collection of functions and parameters that will let them build almost any type of image slider...

PostgreSQL Database Modeler

PostgreSQL Database Modeler 0.8.1 / 0.8.2-alpha1 updated

PostgreSQL Database Modeler (pgModeler) allows a webmaster to create his own database schema using a simple drag&drop GUI and render the necessary SQL code to create it. A plugins system is packaged with pgModeler, so functionality can be extended by...

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Friv 1.0

Friv compiles the top hundred Flash games from all over the web in one giant grid. With new games coming in and being updated, Friv's system updates itself with the most recent quality games to hit the net, while replacing older games as newer ones come...

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Profile Builder

Profile Builder 2.1.8 updated

Profile Builder provides all the user management features WordPress was lacking to be a top notch community site (without actually installing BuddyPress).The plugin also comes with a commercial PRO version for enhanced features and options....