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Monaco Editor

Monaco Editor 0.6.1 updated

Monaco Editor is a Web-based source code editor, that Microsoft initially created for the VS Code service, or Visual Studio Online. Users can utilize it to edit source code projects online, and the editor supports syntax highlighting for various...

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Gridism 0.2.2 updated

Gridism aims to simplify the process of laying content on a page according to a simple grid system that's easier to use and learn than most similar solutions out today. While other CSS frameworks and CSS grids employ a complex columns and naming system...

Apostrophe (Node.js)

Apostrophe (Node.js) 2.1.3 updated

Continuing the success of their Apostrophe CMS (the PHP version), P'unk Avenue ported the entire system to work on top of a Node.js and MongoDB infrastructure and released it as the 2.x branch.The CMS works practically in the same way as the original PHP...


Polr 2.0.0

Polr is a Web-based URL shortener coded in PHP, using the Lumen PHP framework, the Blade templating engine, and the Eloquent ORM, allowing it to work using MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite databases. Because of this Polr can run on almost any server, even...

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Node.js 6.7.0 / 4.6.0 updated

Node.js is practically an evented I/O library for Google's V8 JavaScript engine. Experts recommend it for creating and deploying for traffic and data intensive real-time apps that need to run the same across various platforms and devices. Node.js is...


Humanity 1.0

'From Hire to Retire,' Humanity is the flexible workforce management platform that both you and your employees will love to use. Manage the locations, positions, and roles of your entire staff within minutes and get a clear picture of everyone on your...

MLM Software can be useful for MLM Business organizations. After the releasing of Cloud MLM Software, it is easy than before, to manage things online. Its fast, flexible, user friendly and highly configurable. with powerfull core and supporting MLM...

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People use SENDaTEXT to send text messages online. It is a web browser based communication platform that enables people to send free texts from a standard web browser. No apps or plug-ins are needed. Users are not required to sign up or make any payment...