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2 Way Video Chat

2 Way Video Chat 7.x-2.0 / 6.x-2.0

2 Way Video Chat is a premium high definition video communication software designed for instant 1 on 1 online video conferencing. It's a solution for conducting easy-to-setup face to face meetings without leaving the office or home.Site members (as...

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2048 1.0

The 2048 relies on making tiles of the same number touch and combine into a new tile.Just like THREES and 1024, the game is played on a 4 by 4 square grid.To move the tiles, the player can use his keyboard's arrow keys.The principle behind the game is...

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This is done by adding the [2048] shortcode to any shortcode-enabled area.Once published, the game board will be embedded in the shortcode location, and site visitors can play the game on the site's frontend.Features like game end screens, high scores,...

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2048 - 3D

2048 - 3D 1.0

Basically 2048 - 3D is a clone of the 2048 browser game, which in turn is a clone of the 1024 game, which also copies the THREES Android and iPhone games. The difference between 2048 - 3D and 2048 is the fact that users play the game on three boards at...

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23 Video

23 Video 2.0

23 Video is an Online Video Platform with a twist - it enables Organizations to quickly build & start stunning Video Websites. Behind the scenes, 23 Video has everything an Organization needs for its Video efforts: fast Video CMS, Video Hosting, CDN...


24im 1.0

24im is a free, hosted enterprise instant messaging service for small to medium-sized businesses. Features include web client or desktop client, role-based administration, unlimited chat rooms, and encrypted...

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These scripts can be used to create activity lifestreams, RSS readers, content aggregators and much more.The feeds can easily be customized to anything the developer might want to scan and fetch content for (as long as it has an RSS feed).The number of...

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