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Email Users

Email Users 4.7.5 updated

Email Users is a WordPress plugin that will allow users to send emails to other users.Based on each user's role, emails can be sent to specific users or to entire groups.The emails can be sent only to other users registered on the site and can contain any...


Gridex 1.0

Gridex gives developers to ability to show items on a grid layout and expand items on which users have clicked into a dropdown panel underneath it.Inside this panel more details can be shown about that specific item, in any kind of custom display format.A...


TimeZoneCalculator 3.31 updated

It respects the daylight saving based on UTC.Installation:Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.What is new in this release:Remember last used timezone in calculator Added...

Portfilter works by looking at a collection of items and hiding/showing items based on a custom "data-tag-" added to the them.Buttons can be shown next to each data collection, which when pressed will filter only the items containing a certain data...

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Yamm 1.1.0 updated

Yamm stands for "Yet Another Mega Menu" and adds support for a menu component not included with the default Bootstrap packages: the mega-menu.Mega-menus are often used in e-commerce sites and Web portals, usually in large Web projects where the navigation...

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dimple 2.1.6 updated

dimple is not a pure charting utility. It does nothing related to drawing and animating the chart, leaving all that to D3.js, since that's D3.js' job in the first place. dimple provides an OOP interface that allows regular JavaScript developers...

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Notifly 1.3.1

Can show any kind of styled text messages, in various positions across the screen, signaling state changes or further actions to take.A working demo is included with the download package.Development and issues must be reported via the plugin's GitHub...


MediaElement.js 2.21.1 updated

Unlike other HTML5 players, this one doesn't fall back on a separate Flash UI, but solely uses a HTML/CSS interface. Can be used to play multimedia files using HTML5 audio and video tags. What is new in this release: New in MediaElement.js 2.14.2...

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mPDF 6.0

Can be used to output UTF-8 encoded web pages on the fly. Based on FPDF and HTML 2 FPDF.Features:UTF-8 encoded HTML is accepted Bookmarks and Meta tag information are supported in all character sets Right-to-left languages are supported Automatic...


Schema 2.0.0

Schema is an alternative to the plethora of frontend frameworks that have flooded the market in the past years, similar to projects like Bootstrap, UIkit, InK, Materialize, BASSCSS, Webplate, Wyrm, Flat UI, Webix, Kickoff, Furatto, IVORY, TukTuk, and so...