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Numeral.js 1.5.3

Numeral.js can help developers control how numbers are shown on a page, applying custom formatting and display rules based on what the number is referring to.Numeral.js can be used for:- controlling the decimal place- adding suffixes and prefixes-...


ResponCSS 2.8.0

ResponCSS works by adding or removing columns from the page layout, moving content around, so it won't go off-screen in devices with smaller viewports.Besides the grid system itself, ResponCSS also comes with some JavaScript libraries for sniffing browser...

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jui_alert 2.0.0

The jui_alert plugin will help developers trigger warning and alert notifications on demand.The message can be pinned to the screen or configured to disappear after a short time.Since it's a jQuery UI plugin, all ThemeRoller themes are compatible as...


PyPyODBC 1.3.3

PyPyODBC delivers an updated interface to ODBC using native data types like datetime and decimal.Developers can use PyPyODBC to connect and interact with ODBC supported databases from inside a Python-based service, website, or application.The module works...


X-rayHTML 2.0.2 updated

X-rayHTML works the following way. The developer adds a block of code to the page and passes it to the plugin. X-rayHTML will create a container where the code is executed and the results are displayed. Along with the final result, a "view source" button...

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Nombo 1.6.0

nCombo can be used to create applications that specifically target cloud computing infrastructures, while also providing all the frontend and backend utilities that normal applications provide.Besides the framework core, lots of other open-source...


cx_Oracle 5.2 updated

The module is conforming to the Python DB API 2.0 specification.This module is currently built against Oracle 9.2, 10.2, 11.1 and 11.2.It works only on Python 2.x.What is new in this release:Added support for LONG_UNICODE which is a type used to handle...