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Friv 1.0

Friv compiles the top hundred Flash games from all over the web in one giant grid. With new games coming in and being updated, Friv's system updates itself with the most recent quality games to hit the net, while replacing older games as newer ones come...

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Animoto 1.0

Animoto is a Web application that automatically generates professionally produced videos using patent-pending technology and high-end motion design. Each video is a fully customized orchestration of user-selected images and music. Produced on a widescreen...


Shumway 0.7.0

Shumway was created using HTML 5 technology as an alternative method of displaying Flash content without having Flash installed locally.This means SWF files can be embedded via Shumway and they'll render properly without relying on any Adobe native...

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TravianX 6.0.0

TravianX allows Travian addicts to install the game and play only with a selected group of people.TravianX closely follows the original Travian rules, keeping the experience intact as much as possible.Features:Installation wizard Admin panel Multihunter...

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Adobe FormsCentral is an online, cloud-based forms service that lets you easily create, distribute, collect and analyze data using HTML forms and surveys. With FormsCentral, you can create attractive, professional HTML forms -- including questionnaires,...

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JoomSport 1.5.0

The user can create tournaments with access to playoff.Photo reports of the matches, match stats and player stats can also be added.Features:Tournament Season Teams Match Day: Match details Players Positions Events: Player events, Match...