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jOOQ 3.1.0 / 3.2.0 Alpha 01

It combines active records, stored procedures, advanced data types, complex SQL, typesafety, source code generation and Java in a fluent, intuitive DSL. jOOQ generates a simple Java representation of the database schema.For every table, view, stored...

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zRSSFeed 1.2.0

zRSSFeed can be used to build simple widgets where the content of remote sites syndicated via the RSS or Atom protocols can be pulled in and displayed.zRSSFeed is extremely customizable, from CSS styles up to various variables and options built-in the...

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Froala Editor

Froala Editor 2.2.1 updated

WYSIWYG are bulky chunks of code that allow users to format text inside their browsers just like they'd do with desktop software like Word or OpenOffice. Most of them work by transforming a simple textarea into a fully-blown text formatting section, with...

FontStruct is a free font-building tool from FontShop. FontStruct lets you quickly and easily create fonts constructed out of geometrical shapes, which are arranged in a grid pattern, like tiles or bricks. You create "FontStructions" using the...


Visme 1.0

Visme is a Presentation and Infographic tool, its most common uses are for presentations, infographics, banners and short animations and teasers. Users can easily publish and share Visme online, embed it to website or blogs, and can even download it as...

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WeBid 1.1.2P2 updated

It can be use to quickly set up online multi-user auction sites.InstallationUpload all the files except the docs directoryCHMOD the uploads directory to 0777CHMOD the includes/data.inc.php to 0777CHMOD the includes/countries.inc.php to 0777CHMOD the...