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iView 2.0.1

iView is a powerful, free jQurey plugin that has all the features you usually find in commercially-licensed sliders.It works just like any other image slider plugin, showcasing images one after the other, using smooth animations to transition between...


Creately 1.0

Creately is a collaborative diagramming and design software used by teams around the world to communicate more effectively. Creately lets users invite team-members and clients to collaborate on flowcharts, mind maps, UML diagrams, software designs,...

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Clappr 0.2.35 updated

Clappr can be easily customized to fit any requirements your Web projects might have and can be used with both mobile and desktop environments.The player does not only allow developers to skin its interface, but they can go deeper than that and change how...

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Jssor Slider

Jssor Slider 20.0.0 updated

Jssor Slider can be used with or without jQuery loaded on the page and can also work fine inside Bootstrap-based projects. Developers are spoiled with a large collection of functions and parameters that will let them build almost any type of image slider...


osTicket 1.9.9 updated

It's an attractive alternative to high-cost and complex customer support systems.What is new in this release:Update user information for existing users when importing CSV. Agent names are consistently formatted and sorted throughout the system. Memcache...


XUpload 2.7 / 3.1 / 1

It lets users to accept file uploads on their website and shows upload progress bar which is showing the progress in real-time.Upload progress bar could be shown in popup window or right on the upload page. It also shows upload progress in percents,...

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Yesware 1.7

Yesware is an extension for Gmail. Features: E-mail tracking - Know who has read your e-mail as well as when, where, and what device opened your message. Templates - Instantly use custom templates and share the highest reply rates with your team so you...


PopTox 2.2

PopTox is a web browser based communication tool that lets users make free online phone calls. No signup is required. No need to add credit to your account. Just to the home page, enter the phone number and click on "Call". PopTox is a global...