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SEO Redirect 301s

SEO Redirect 301s 2.2.2 updated

Whenever a page slug is modified, the plugin creates a 301 redirection from the old slug to the new one. This ensures site links don't go dead and affect the website's traffic. 'SEO Redirect 301s' also adds a special page in the WP admin where all active...


AngularStrap 2.3.9 updated

AngularJS is a modern JavaScript framework for developing web apps. Bootstrap is a modern front-end framework for developing beautiful UIs. AngularStrap adapts the Bootstrap framework so it can seamlessly be used within AngularJS-based Web apps.What is...

WP Security Audit Log

WP Security Audit Log 2.5.0 updated

WP Security Audit Log doesn't actually protect a website from getting hacked, but it provides the tools to prevent this from happening. The plugin can log various user-taken actions to help webmasters debug and trace back from where a hack was initiated,...

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Prom 0.9.87 updated

Prom allows Python developers to interact with a PostgreSQL database via Python-specific syntax.This in turn allows developers more in-depth control over the database, even if their SQL skills aren't really that good.Prom was based on Mingo.Prom usage...


TinyDB 3.2.1 updated

Comparing TinyDB to MySQL or PostgreSQL is like comparing an ant to the planet Jupiter. At ~100 KB and ~800 lines of source code, TinyDB is one of the smallest No-SQL, document-oriented database systems around. The main purpose of its existence is to...


Bootstrap 3.3.7 / 2.3.2 / 4.0.0 Alpha 3 updated

Because one of the first version of Bootstrap was used to create one of Twitter's former Web page layouts, for a long time this framework was known under the name Twitter Bootstrap. Since Bootstrap is not officially used for Twitter's layout anymore (not...

October CMS

October CMS Build 351 updated

October is a new CMS developed by a team of developers focused on implementing proper programming techniques and creating a modern CMS in tune with the times, recent PHP versions, and coding techniques. Instead of convoluted interfaces and mangled code,...

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Veno File Manager

Veno File Manager 2.3.0 updated

Veno File Manager (VFM) is a PHP application that allows one or more users to interact with a Web-based file hosting system. VFM can let users upload files, create folders, rename directories, explore their content, etc., all from the user's browser. Veno...


pagenav.js 1.2.5 updated

pagenav.js can be used in building numbered pagination systems, a well-known and well-used navigation system for large data collections embedded on a Web page. The plugin comes with support for next/prev controls and a current page indicator. A sample...

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