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Bulk Rename Utility

Bulk Rename Utility updated

A utility to rename files and folders with extremely flexible criteria. Process subfolders, add date stamps, add auto-numbers, perform search and replace, perform regular-expressions, and change timestamps. The software is available in a native 64-bit...

UDB Workbench

UDB Workbench 3.4 updated

UDB Workbench is a tool for DB2 UDB database comparison and synchronization. It allows you connect DB2 UDB databases through ODBC or through schema DDL file, and view all the differences between two connected sources, and execute synchronization script...

Backup MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases into the cloud! ADVSoft SQL Backup is a must-have database maintenance tool offering an extra safety layer for two popular database types. The database backup tool supports MySQL (via phpMyAdmin and SSH) and...

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4WS.Platform 5.0.0 updated

This RAD platform allows to quickly develop web and mobile applications without any coding task. Applications can be developed by simply configuring them through a graphical environment. There is no limit in the complexity of the applications to create,...

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Easily generate dynamic USPS Intelligent Mail (IMb) barcodes to webpages with any web server or website hosting provider that supports ASPX script processing with the ASPX USPS Intelligent Mail (IMb) Generator Script Package. This implementation is easy...

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CellScop 0.21 updated

CellScop is simple program which simulate cellular automat, a bit similar to caleidoscope. The cells are simulated on 1/8 of square. The remaining 7/8 are copied. The cells has binary state 0 or 1. State of cell in next step is determined on sum of 1 in...

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