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WinMend Registry Cleaner

WinMend Registry Cleaner 1.8.1 updated

WinMend Registry Cleaner is a secure registry cleaning and optimization application. It has four main function modules: Registry Cleaner, Registry Optimizer, Registry Backup, and Scheduler. The application can efficiently and comprehensively analyze...

WinMend Data Recovery

WinMend Data Recovery 1.6 updated

WinMend Data Recovery is Windows-based data recovery software. It recovers data on FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, or NTFS5 partitions in Windows operating systems. It can be used to scan partitions in various hard drives, removable drives and even in data...

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WinMend History Cleaner

WinMend History Cleaner 1.5.8 updated

WinMend History Cleaner is a utility that can comprehensively clean histories produced by various programs in the system. It can effectively scan and clean histories generated by more than 100 programs. These histories include cookies, browsing histories...

WinMend File Splitter

WinMend File Splitter 1.4.6 updated

WinMend File Splitter is a free file splitter and merger. It can split a file into specified number of blocks or at specified unit size, so they can be easily attached to an email, or stored in a removable device such as USB drive, floppy disk, MP3, MP4,...

WinMend File Copy

WinMend File Copy 1.5.6 updated

WinMend File Copy is a free and excellent batch file copy tool. Based on extensive testing, and by constantly maximizing the potential of the operating system, WinMend File Copy developed a unique key technique that makes up for the inadequacy of the...

WinMend Disk Cleaner

WinMend Disk Cleaner 1.6.1 updated

WinMend Disk Cleaner is a quick and safe junk file cleaner. With a powerful scan engine, it safely and quickly locates junk files in your system. By deleting junk files, it increases available disk space and improves system performance. You can specify...

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WinMend Auto Shutdown

WinMend Auto Shutdown 1.4 updated

WinMend Auto Shutdown is a freeware utility that can turn off your computer automatically. With simple settings, it can shut down, hibernate, stand by or log off the computer unattended at a scheduled time. There is a 30-second countdown screen before the...

WinMend System Doctor

WinMend System Doctor 1.7.2 updated

WinMend System Doctor is a Windows-based security application. With its innovative, intelligent detection engine, WinMend System Doctor can effectively detect and fix security vulnerabilities in the system, fix software vulnerabilities in third-party...