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Fiwi 2.0.9 updated

Thank you for your interest in Fiwi. Fiwi is a compact, faceless (it has no interface per se) application to help with moving files and folders via 2 symmetrical Finder windows quickly and effortlessly. I found it really helps saving time and avoid...


mariosudoku a.0.0.4

mariosudoku is a free generator and solver for the homonymous game. A game of logic gaining momentum very quickly. You may click on any tile, revealed or empty to change/enter a number 1 to 9 even those revealed automatically and therefore right in my...

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solitario 1.0

In 1993 Mario Leonti wrote a game called solitario. It is a simple fast and addictive game, very difficult to solve. In his holidays this year he revamped it for System X. We make you a gift of it. solitario is available only for Macintosh and I hope you...

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iNetTaxGross performs a simple but very useful task: it helps work out what is the net, tax charged and gross from any given amount of any of them. Given one of them it works out the other two. iNetTaxGross is a cocoa application, written in objective C...

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GrupaDupa 3.0.2

GrupaDupa was created by people like you who want their hard disks free of duplicated files without spending ages in front of a computer. After extensive search and testing of available duplicate detection software we decided to write our own with...