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Stacks updated

Stacks is a new way to create pages in RapidWeaver: A plugin designed to combine the drag-and-drop simplicity of Blocks with the power of fluid layout. Stacks lets you build pages that flow text to the dimensions of a theme even if the theme has a...


Collage 2.3.3 updated

Collage is a plugin for RapidWeaver that let's you easy create graphical links to other pages on your website or anywhere at all. Just like all the other RapidWeaver page styles, it's super easy to use. There's no need to know about html code or php...

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Blocks 3.4.7 updated

Blocks is a plugin for RapidWeaver. It allows you to place blocks of text, graphics, and even raw HTML onto your page wherever you like. Drag blocks around, resize them, and even overlap content. All in a plugin that is as easy to use as RapidWeaver...

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Accordion 1.7.5 updated

Accordion is a new plugin for RapidWeaver. It builds dynamic interactive menu driven interface from your text and graphics. Items open with a smooth slide and close when you move to other content. The content can be just about anything you like: text,...

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Flow 1.6

Flow builds an animated bar thumbnails from your images. Click on a thumbnail and the full size content fades in. Add text, images, and even HTML to your full size content.Requirements:RapidWeaver 6 or...

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Columns 1.3.2U

YourHead Columns is a plugin for RapidWeaver. It creates a two column styled text page that contain text, images, and movies.Requirements:Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higherRapidWeaver...

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Kwix 1.1.0

Kwix is a RapidWeaver plugin for building animated sliding menus to your web site. You can choose icons and styles to perfectly match your site's theme.Requirements:RapidWeaver 3.6 or...

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Carousel 1.3

Carousel is a plugin for RapidWeaver. It builds a side-scrolling thumbnail bar of your content. When thumbnails are clicked their content fades in on the lower part of the page. The content can be just about anything you like: text, graphics, and...

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PayLoom 2.0

PayLoom is a RapidWeaver plugin for building PayPal web stores. Drop in a few pictures, type in the price, and publish a polished and professional site to the web. You can be up and selling in just a few minutes.Requirements:RapidWeaver...


Kiwi 3.2.0

Kiwi likes to spend a lot of time on your desktop, so we made sure he would fit in. Choose a theme or build your own -- it's easy. Kiwi can show one minimalist timeline for the social media Zen master, or display lots of accounts for the social...