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Timer software from Golasso Software Products is designed for long range visibility on a standard PC screen. Numbers can be set to display as big as 5 inches high. The display simulates classic scoreboard styles with options for simulated 7-segment LED,...

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Ref Scheduler

Ref Scheduler 5.4 updated

Ref Scheduler will help schedule referees for your sporting event needs. The program allows the user to enter the following lists: Refs - the Referees; Schools/ Clubs/Leagues - that have associated teams; Teams - within each School/Club; Sites - where...

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FanDraft Football

FanDraft Football 16.10 updated

FanDraft Fantasy Football Draft Board software works as a digital draft board for fantasy football drafts. The program includes a player board, a draft clock, and a streaming ticker, voice announcer, integration with MyFantasyLeague.com, and offers...