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Denied 1.0.0

Denied saves your ears from music you can't stand. Denied sees what you're playing in Spotify and automatically skips any song that matches customizable rules. Tracks can be skipped by their artist, title or album, allowing you to enjoy Top 40...

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SonicSwap 4.4.8

Ever wish you could transform your iTunes playlists into personal music video playlists you could watch, post, and share with friends anywhere? Now you can. This hot iTunes accessory brings a whole new dimension to your music collection. Use this free...


Podcaster 1.2.4

This application creates podcasts and enhanced podcasts quickly and easily. Podcasts can be uploaded to either a local disk, an iDisk .Mac account or an FTP server. It manages your podcasts by publishing and removing them when they are no longer required....

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Pulsar 2.3.4

If you subscribe to SiriusXM in the US or to either Sirius or XM in Canada, you can get online access to premium radio content. Unfortunately, tuning in with a browser is clunky at best. With Pulsar and an online satellite radio account, you can access...