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Like other devices, Mac systems are also considered to give you the best performance when they are brand new. But over time, these machines turn to get sluggish. Are you experiencing the same situation? Do you feel that a snail could launch an app faster...


PopMaker 0.1

PopMaker is an OS X app for generating PopClip extensions. It's currently limited in scope to "search" extensions and "surround" extensions. You simply fill in the fields and hit the button to save to disk or install immediately. It even lets you import...


MacQEMU 1.0.1

This software emulates a PowerPC Macintosh. The model Macintosh that is emulated is a Beige G3. It is capable of running Mac OS 10.2 and Linux. You could use this emulator to run older software that is no longer compatible with more current versions of...

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Free Website Blocker

Free Website Blocker 1.3 updated

Parental control software. Blacklist unwanted websites on your Mac - by website addresses or web page titles. Could be useful to block porn websites. Now compatible with OS X 10.9 Mavericks! Attention: to install the app, you may need to disable...


Minion 1.0.4

Minion is the easiest way to monitor long running tasks on your Mac. Just tell it what to look for and we'll notify your phone or email when the job is done. It's great for watching long video exports, animation renders, or anything that takes a long time...


openMSX 0.13.0 updated

openMSX is an emulator for the MSX home computer system. Its goal is to emulate all aspects of the MSX with 100% accuracy: perfection in emulation.What is new in this release:See...


XRoar updated

XRoar is a Dragon emulator for Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, GP32, Nintendo DS and Windows. Due to hardware similarities, XRoar also emulates the Tandy Colour Computer (CoCo) models 1 & 2.What is new in this release: Fix breakpoint bug that affected tape...

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